Welcome to the Wildflower Village

Wildflower Village is a hostel based hotel which is located in Truckee Meadows, Nevada. Each room has a separate entrance, kitchenette (facilitated with microwave, stove, and sink), hot showers and bathtubs. Morning coffee is served free of cost with some fresh fruits. There is no TV, but the atmosphere is so peaceful where you can read out your favorite books. In Espresso bars, there is much fun to indulge your taste buds. This hostel has no five-star level facilities, but if you are looking for something clean, peaceful, and affordable then Wildflower Village Hostel & Hotel is the best place to stay. The place is best for special events, pursuing galleries, and just stop by for a cup of coffee.


  • Welcome to the Wildflower VillageB&B Rooms with Bath and Tub/Shower Ensuite; $125 per night plus tax
  • B&B Rooms with Bath and Shower Ensuite; $100 per night plus tax

Overview of B&B Rooms

  • B&B rooms are included in King size beds with very clean bed sheets, kitchenettes ensuite
  • Separate attached bathrooms with hot water, clean and cosy towels

NOTE: There is only one smoking B&B room. It is suggested that you confirm the availability before reaching in the hotel.

You can contact us for reservation




Choosing the Wedding venue is one of the most time consuming steps but very essential. The beautiful background matters a lot on wedding pictures or video. If you are looking for lovely hall for your wedding then Chapel welcomes you and your 25 guests cordially. It is the best place for maximum 25 people. Your wedding experience in Reno will be outstanding because of the Truckee River Valley enchanting view. The combination of nature and decoration increases the beauty of Chapel. Further, we can coordinate if you wish for bridal and groom dressing from flower dresses to accessories such as veils, headpieces, chaplets and more. Not only this, even we can arrange photographers, limousine service, heartwarming receptions, friendly check in and parking carriage ride.

We also host the following occasions;

  • Vow renewals
  • Baptisms
  • Partnership Unions
  • Family Reunions

There are two packages (if you are not sure for customize settings). Please have a look at both packages and their details slightly below;

Forget Me Not Package

WeddingsThis package is designed for 5 people. You will avail the following services in this package;

  • Stay in Chapel for 1 hour
  • An en-suite dressing room for bride and groom
  • Let us know your favorite music to play
  • On demand wedding vows
  • A single fresh rose bouquet, boutonniere, and garter
  • Wedding cake for 5 people
  • Photography (24 exp.)
  • Price per 5 people for this package is; $305

Further, it is recommended that you call us or visit at out office and confirm the details and everything before booking.

California Poppy Ceremony

This package is suitable for 4 people including bride and groom. If you want to invite more guests then you will be charged $5 per person.

NOTE: To reserve the venue, you will have to deposit $75 (which is non-refundable).



Visitors spend a good deal of their time on the Wildflower Village. The owner, Pat Campbell-Cozzi has built a wide range of the superior glass work exhibitions. The artwork is displayed by more than the seventy-five talented artists. Pat is passionate about glass work, and such emerging talent. He happily showcases the talent of Northern Nevada into two following galleries;

1. Open Door Gallery

Open Door GalleryThe Gallery is an opportunity to explore Reno’s emerging artists’ collection of art glass. Bustle in with peace that there is no claustrophobia. The art glass display can be explored along with ceramics, jewelry, painting, photography, textiles and much more.

2. Chapel Gallery

Chapel GalleryThe Chapel Gallery draws the Nevada artists exhibit. It won’t be wrong if it is said the gallery is much more than just a gallery. It is the best venue for weddings, not only that even business meetings, book clubs, and various type of events and exhibitions are held there in the Chapel Gallery.

Best Bed and Breakfasts & Romantic Inns in Iceland

6 Best Bed and Breakfasts & Romantic Inns in Iceland

Iceland is one the most visiting European countries. There are many reasons for travelling there. Natural beauty of Iceland is super magical, but the food has its own taste. Travelers are welcomed by best guesthouses, hotels and lodges to stay. The services are different from hotel to hotel, but they are very hospitable and don’t let you feel that you are away from your home. Here is a listing of 6 of the best bed and breakfast and romantic inns for those who are traveling to Iceland;

1. Heydalur Guesthouse in the Westfjords of Iceland

If you seeking winter adventure, the Heydalur Guesthouse in the Westfjords region of Iceland offers the perfect location to enjoy romantic getaway for two. The Bed and Breakfast provides access to numerous activities including: guided horse-riding trips with professional guides, sea-kayaking, hiking in the fjords, fishing and bird watching. If that doesn’t peak your fancy, between September to April the nearby thermal springs provide the perfect spot to experience the northern lights without getting cold. The guesthouse boasts an indoor swimming pool and delicious home cooking with meals prepared from local ingredients by the owners.

2. Blábjörg Guesthouse in Eastern Iceland

For an authentic Nordic experience, the Blábjörg Guesthouse is housed in a beautifully renovated fish factory in a unspoilt traditional fishing village. The guesthouse is a haven for hiking enthusiasts, offering access to twenty seven hiking excursions in the surrounding hills where you can observe puffins and numerous species of fascinating seabirds. After a long day of exploring the incredible surrounding scenery and wildlife, guests can spend the evening utilizing the Guesthouse’s spa facilities including indoor and outdoor hot tubs, infrared sauna and wooden barrel sauna.

3. Hotel Berg, Keflavik

Best Bed and Breakfasts & Romantic Inns in IcelandFor a more luxurious winter retreat, Hotel Berg is an artfully designed guesthouse set within stunning coastal surroundings. The boathouse fuses modern and traditional elements with effortless Scandinavian style. Just a fifteen-minute drive from the famous Blue Lagoon and positioned only forty minutes away from Reykjavik, the town of Keflavik is a convenient location to explore Iceland’s diverse landscape and attractions.

4. Arcturus Guesthouse, Reykjavik

Located in central Reykjavik, the Arcturus Guesthouse provides easy access to all of the incredible attractions the capital has to offer. Experience Reykjavik’s vibrant culture, with nightlife, art galleries, museums, shops and world-class restaurants all located within easy walking distance. This newly renovated guest house is family owned and provides exceptional Icelandic hospitality, perfect for a romantic city break for two.

5. Silfurberg, Breiðdalur Valley

Best Bed and Breakfasts & Romantic Inns in IcelandThis converted barn offers first-class, deluxe accommodation with outdoor spa facilities and home-cooked meals by arrangement. Located in the heart of the Breiðdalur Valley, Silfurberg is the perfect location for couples to explore the local area, enjoy magnificent mountain scenery and retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living in perfect serenity. After a long day of hiking, take a long soak in Silfurberg’s hot tub with a glass of wine.

6. HjarðarbólGuesthouse, South Iceland

Conveniently positioned just one hour from the airport the Hjarðarból Guesthouse provides cosy, family run accommodation and is the perfect first stop on your romantic Icelandic getaway. Nestled in gorgeous countryside and surrounded by farmland, this Bed and Breakfast provides a welcome place to unwind and relax after a day exploring the local surroundings and wildlife.

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and Floors

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and Floors

If you don’t want to end up on your own just because all your friends are sick and tired of your pets hair dwelling in their clothes after each reunion of yours, please equip yourself with patience and follow these simple steps and say farewell to the epoch of the hairy clothes, furniture and friends!

1. Defurr your upholstery and wooden furniture in fast and consistent manner:

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and FloorsTHINGS YOU WILL NEED: Latex gloves, soft cloth, anti-static dusting spray, fabric softener and patience

Reduce two main factors that draw hairs to every inch of each surface- static electricity and low humidity.

Dampened latex gloves or a wet sponge will do the job. But your patience is also crucial. Pick up the hair and rinse off the glove. Repeat this procedure until the last hair is removed.

To truly pull up the hair on your wooden furniture, use a soft cloth and anti-static dusting spray. It is proven to be the best option since it removes the electric charge thus decreasing the chance of the hair sticking to your furniture pieces.

Apply a mix of water and liquid fabric softener and simply clear the surface.

2. Defurr your floors and carpets:

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and FloorsTHINGS YOU WILL NEED: Pumice stone, vacuum cleaner, fabric softener, spray bottle

Deploy your pumice stone at strategic locations and employ all your family members for getting the job done faster. One member per one location! Run your hands gently along the carpet using the pumice stone and scrape up the hair. It will not damage your carpet and you will finally get free from stubborn hairs.

Employ your vacuum cleaner as well! Prior to vacuuming fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and fabric softener. Spray the carpet lightly and gather the dampen hair to clumps.  Discard them. Also, you can dust a baking soda on your carpet so as to loosen these hairs. Now, vacuum the carpet. Go over each area at least twice and use the cleaner’s fork support able to fit into tight spaces.

To clean bare floors such as hardwood or laminate, use an electrostatic mop for vacuums can blow hair around unless you vacuum multiple times in the same area.

3. Defurr your clothes:

THINGS YOU WILL NEED: Curler, Lint roller, Dryer, Rubber dryer ball, Vacuum cleaner

For hair clumps or larger amounts of hair put your clothes in the dryer along with a dryer ball. The purpose of a dryer ball is to separate your clothes and suck the stubborn hair out of the clothes more efficiently.

Rub curlers on your clothes surface in a downward motion to pull up the hair. Use one with a metal inner form since it can be bent to reach each and every corner of fur covered areas.

Lint roller can be very handy too. It removes animal hairs easily and quickly. use the same method as with a rub curler.

For most annoying pet hair still sticking to your clothes use a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Finally, to pick up any hair stragglers use some of the above-mentioned tactics once again.

Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail Cameras

Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail Cameras

Long gone are the times when hunters were sparsely equipped as Elmer Fudd hoping for trophy buck on their table. Nowadays you can brush off all your hunting gear along with your hunting license if you are deprived of the must scouting tool- trail camera. Its benefits are numerous. No more poachers trespassing on your property stealing your game. No more night watches waiting in an ambush for a game to appear.

A great trail camera will do all the work for you, but you have to choose the best one and try to base your choice from trail camera reviews you read before you decide wich one to buy. All YOU have to do is to set it up smartly. Otherwise, it will either be demolished by a bear or stolen by a determined thief.

Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail CamerasTIP 1: TRAIL CAMERA PLACEMENT STRATEGIES:

  • The perfect height to mount your camera is approximately 3′ off the ground. Waist high will provide peak performance. Also, make sure to keep it horizontal.
  • Avoid uneven ground and use level one when mounting your camera.
  • Clear any debris in front of the camera to avoid blurred images
  • Place your camera side on the sunrise or sunset so as to prevent the images from appearing white out.
  • Take off your camera from the allocated spot once every two weeks
  • When possible, position your trail camera so that it faces North, never into the sun since it is sensitive to heat.


Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail CamerasTrails and game paths;

These spots are just perfect for you camera placement since deer and wild game, in general, must follow the above routes in order to find feeding and bedding locations. Once you record the exact trail that animals are using place your camera on a tree with a fresh scrape on it.

Mineral licks;

Top-notch spot for your trail camera during the late summer. You can make the lick yourself by digging out a circle and filling it with deer minerals. Your camera should be placed at least 10 feet from the lick, and preferably 20 to 30 feet away so not to scare off the animals. Angle the camera towards the lick so to get the best and clearest images.

Meadows and openings;

Since these are open areas you can expect the animal to spend more time in front of the camera lens. Given that, you will get the best and most informative shootings if you set the capture mode on your camera.


  • Heavy- duty camera box is a far best and final option if you don’t want it to be stolen or shattered into pieces by a bear.
  • Always use long-lasting power lithium batteries for your camera.
  • Extend your battery life by using longer time periods between images, such as 4-5 minutes.
  • Time your camera checks before severe weather conditions if possible. Be scent- free on these occasions so as not to provoke the prospective buck.

For the best hunting experience, please keep to these smart tips. Believe me. I am writing from experience. Very bad though!

The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in the U.S.

The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Choosing the wedding venue is one of the hardest steps if you are too picky in everything. There is a huge number of wedding venues in the US both indoor and outdoor. It is up to the weather, if it is rainy and cold season then you should go for indoor venues and if it is sunny and spring season you must go for outdoor venues. Outdoor venues can be well decorated in presence of natural splendor. You are going to read out some of the best outdoor wedding venues of US. Have a cool read!

1. Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii

The truly magical spot is located bit off the beaten path, but worth visiting. The venue is full of flora and fauna. The place is well developed, and decorated beautifully upon booking for the wedding or social events.

2. Sodo Park In Seattle, Washington

The award winning wedding venue was built in 1907 in Seattle, Washington. The venue is ample for 350 seated and up to 450 for standing events. It is suitable for weddings, private events, fundraising events, birthday parties, holiday galas and other type of gatherings.

3. Beaulieu Garden in Rutherford, California

The beautiful garden is a magnificent venue for your wedding. Sycamore trees, fountains and statues give an exceptionally mind blowing sensation. The dramatic entrance touches the souls of bride and groom. Such a peaceful place is an ideal to get married among your family and friends.

4. Bear Flag Farm in Winters, California

This wedding place seems imaginary but it is a super real. The Bear Flag Farm is located in the luxury estate in Winters, California. Almost all decoration is natural, not only decoration, table centerpieces or bridal bouquets, even the ingredients, sweet fruits, and fragrant herbs are harvested from the same farm. Everything is so fresh and original. You will be charged $80,000 for full services including; planning the event, complete decoration and style, catering and menu, staffing and valet services, wedding cakes, photography and musicians. The farm or venue is well known for parties, weddings and soirees. This venue is bit expensive but truly magical.

5. 440 Seaton in Los Angeles, CA

The venue’s urban warehouse style building is hosted for weddings, parties, film shots, soirees, large exhibits and more big events. The 100 years old space can accommodate approximately 1,400 seated, and 1,700 standing guests. The building was built in 1913 with bricks, steel, redwood and concrete.

6. Dunton Hot Springs, in Dolores, Colorado

To turn your dream day into reality requires the selection of the venue. If the wedding venue is Dunton Hot Springs then the dream seems to be true. There are total 13 cabins which are beautifully made of log, and decorated with artifacts and furnishings. Each cabin has its charm, and specialty. The windows are well built by the original miners, and give an enchanting view of the mountains, trees and surroundings.

During the search of the best wedding venue in the US, you will go through variety of venues that can make you confuse that what to choose. Hiring to the personable wedding coordinator can release your fatigue. It is up to the budget and your disposition. If you can afford the expensive venue then you must go for Bear Flag Farm to make your dream day truly magical.

Best Museums In Nevada

Best Museums In Nevada

The exhibits are always very educational, and worth time spending. In Nevada, there are various super class museums that exhibit the talent of legend and living legends. Some of them are listed below;

1. Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah

The amazing spot welcomes with fountains, statues, greenery, and small crowding. Wayne Newton is ranked #1 among all (73) museums of Las Vegas. There is much to fun; going with family won’t be a bad idea. Animals, classical art work, furniture in mansion rooms and old model cars are worth seeing. The infotainment guides make your trip memorable.

2. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

This art museum stands in number 8 of 461 things to do in Las Vegas. Every exhibition comes up with something astonishing art. Bellagio ceiling itself is worth seeing that is designed by one of the legends of glass work named; Dale Chihuly. The facts of paintings and other art work increases your knowledge, the supervisors are friendly and very helping. This is a little museum but art work is always displayed by the legends of all time from impressionism to pop art.

3. National Automobile Museum

The museum is number 1 of 140 things to do in Reno. It is the best for car lovers, and especially those who love classical things. The museum is well laid out with original historical (mostly American) cars. Each car has its specialty and history. This National Automobile museum is considered the best in the country. This is a worth visiting museum if you are a car lover to enhance knowledge about classical cars, and their parts.

4. The Mob Museum

The well organized building says louder than the name of the museum. Classical firearms, prison electric chairs, and legends’ portraits (both good guys and bad guys) let you feel the mysterious movie is going in your surroundings. The museum is always busy but worth waiting in the queue. The spacious hall and small corridors are filled with frames, photos and artifacts. The guides are super educational and always have a proper answer about any object that is displayed there.

5. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The wreck is well set out and put together for the visitors. The exhibit itself is very educational. The cards are handed over to know all of the names of people who sank in the ship, and their stories. There is a model of Titanic in Luxor hall. The display itself is enough to tell the whole story. The pain can be felt by seeing the wreckage. The museum is good for those who have interest in Titanic. Those who already know the tragic tale thru the history and the film will find the exhibit much heart wrenching. This is one of the must visiting museums.

6. Shelby American, Inc.

An American automotive designer, Carroll Shelby, displays his classical cars. Shelby is well recognized by AC Cobra and Mustang for Ford Motor Company. The exhibit is nearby Mandalay Bay and a busy shopping center. The place is ideal for those who are fans of Shelby or cars. Also a friendly for kids, they can enjoy neat and clean cars, and get to know about the old cars and the owner by parents or guides.

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel Guests

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel Guests

Traveling is not an easy enjoyment. You have to compromise on many points while traveling. No matter how much you are good at packing or planning the trips. Somewhere someone misses something. Staying away from home lets us realize the value of home whether it is a luxury home or a small apartment, you will miss your home at some point.

Many of you cannot afford luxury hotels, but those who can afford will find both pros and cons of the hotel. It is about temper and guts that how much you can endure and travel with a good mood without must-have things or amenities or services.

However, there are some important amenities and services that every traveler wants to see at his chosen hotel or hotel room. According to the Ranker.com, there is one of the most important amenities is Free WiFi. It is not an amazing fact because everyone knows how much it has been important to live with smartphones and without Wifi signals the cell phone is nothing.

Let’s have a look at the top 18 amenities and services that the travelers want at their hotel stay;

1. Free Wifi (Wireless Internet)

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel GuestsIn future, the Wifi will be the most important need of all. In a small gadget you have everything to do except meal to eat, but there are many healthy applications that can keep you fit. As everything has advantages and disadvantages, so internet has too. Also, it is up to use. If you are wise and loyal to yourself, you will strive hard to be focus in your life. There is a map that makes a stranger confident in new places and routes. Wifi is very essential to get to know the knowledge of the destination you are going to visit. You can book a shuttle service online. Without WiFi, traveling seems impossible for new generation.

2. Free Parking

Parking comes to 2nd in the list. Getting a place to park in busier hotels is luck, but getting a FREE parking makes you luckier. It is not essential that every 5 and 7 star hotels will be offering you free parking, many of the 4 and 3 star hotels offer free parking too. It is a prior point to check whether your finalized hotel offers free parking or not.

3. Towels

First thing travelers do after reaching in their hotel room is getting fresh. Quality towels matter. Hot bath releases the all stress and relaxes the body, but if there are no towels provided by the hotel all fresh mood gets fade up. Many of you go with a minimum luggage and that’s why it is not possible to carry towels, bed sheets, and other basic amenities.

4. Complimentary Breakfast

In simple words, complimentary breakfast is a free breakfast offered by some hotels. It is worth knowing that what will be including in the complimentary breakfast. Some hotels offer muffins, cereals, pancakes, sausages, waffles and omelets. In drinks, they offer different flavored fresh fruit juices. The items can vary from one hotel to another.

5. Complimentary Toiletries

Complimentary toiletries are also essential for travelers. They go to bathroom to be fresh, and they must need soap, shampoo, and hand or face wash and toothpaste (in morning). Branded toiletries are kept on 5 and 7 star hotels, but on lower star hotels, travelers face low quality toiletries. And in some cases, there are many lodges and guesthouse that don’t offer complimentary toiletries, so for such lodgings you must go along your items.

6. Shower

Having a good sanitary is also counted in one of the most useful amenities. Fixed faucets, proper showerheads, and unbroken bath tubs are the things to check just after reaching in the room. Hot water is provided by some hotels and that’s a bonus.

7. TV

Most of the travelers who go with family or as a couple they miss TV, and feel good when their room has one. Couple travelers love to see their favorite movies together and make their time worth remembering.

8. Refrigerator

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel GuestsHaving fridge in a hotel room is not that important for every traveler. But for those who have medical issues and need their medicine refrigerated they ask for one for their hotel room. Hotel management provides a small sized fridge at your room upon reasonable request without charge.

9. Coffee Machine

Most of the luxurious hotels offer coffee machines in each hotel room. The guests make cups of coffee whenever they want to drink. It is an ideal to see the Keurig coffee machine in the kitchenette.

10. Cable TV

Watching TV in hotel room is as such not an ideal, but people who want to be updated from the news, even the worldwide news they must book the TV hotel room. And that’s great if it is a cable TV because some of you never miss their favorite live shows or programs even in traveling.

11. Luxury Bedding

Clean and cozy bedding make your sleep relaxing, and let you dream sweeter. Proper night sleep is a substantial aspect to enjoy the trip fully.

12. Complimentary Bottled Water

Drinking water in other country is a bit risky that water minerals are vary from city to city and country to country (not much but little change can be faced). That’s the issue, everyone prefers bottled water, and that seems much better when it is complimentary.

13. Swimming Pool

Not everyone is a fond of swimming nor every next of you knows how to swim. Mostly male travelers who are fond of swimming wish for swimming pools at their hotels.

14. Room Service

After having a hectic day, travelers prefer to stay full time in the room until they have their next visit. So room service is the most ideal to have meal in the room.

15. Hair Dryer

Not only ladies, even male travelers want hair dryer at their hotel rooms. They get a bath and rush to dry their hair to move outside the hotel. Timing is everything while visiting to other country or city. Hair dryer is somehow important amenities if the time is concerned.

16. Microwave Oven

Oven has been a common device that is used regularly at home. Family trips get easier when someone of your family members is hard to off the bed, and in this case, the meal should be heated again. To fulfill that need, the guardian or leader of the trip stays calm if there is an oven in the room kitchenette.

17. Shuttle Service

Many hotels offer free shuttle service from and to the airport. Drivers bring your luggage carefully and leave you safely in the parking. It is the first service that some lucky travelers are welcomed by.

18. Fitness Center

Visitors who stay for long in the same hotel wish to have a fitness center in walking distance. And, those who go to gym on a daily basis, they never skip exercise and keep continuing while traveling.

Kitchen Faucet Finish Which One Is the Best

Kitchen Faucet Finish: Which One Is the Best?

A smart course in kitchen faucet finishes

Since the range of kitchen faucet finishes is quite astounding we have dredged through almost all the articles available and narrow down your kitchen faucet search. Before you make any investment please keep in mind the following decisive factors when buying the kitchen faucet :

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Cost comparison
  • Maintenance
  • Ability to match changing decor

If you’re new to selecting finishes, try to get all the other fixtures in a corresponding color. It is clever to buy these items from the same manufacturer so as to ensure you are getting the exact same finish.

Kitchen Faucet Finish Which One Is the BestMost common kitchen faucet finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Brass

have all the characteristics mentioned above, but not to the same extent.


Types: Brushed&Polished

Advantages: Most inexpensive, durable and easy to maintain.

Due to its versatility and luminous look polished chrome fits in perfectly with modern kitchen design. On the other hand, its counterpart, brushed chrome, complement most kitchen interiors and easily adapt to numerous updates.

Disadvantages: showing water spots and fingerprints.


Types: Brushed&Polished

Advantages: Brushed nickel is one of the most durable finishes. Easy to maintain and free from showing water spots, wear or fingerprints.

Disadvantages: Brushed nickel doesn’t match well with stainless steel. Polished nickel is difficult to fit in and coordinate with other fixtures and accessories.


Advantages: Durable, non-porous and easiest to maintain.
Regardless of the brand, it’s much easier to match stainless steel faucets with other fixtures than the nickel ones. Its finish remains shiny and doesn’t show spots as easily as chrome.

Disadvantages: More expensive than other finishes (nickel and brass).


Types: Oil- rubbed&brushed bronze

Advantages: Durable, sturdy, rust-free and easy to maintain.

It is a perfect match for country, rustic and traditional style kitchens. However, it can go hand in hand with other design fixtures and accessories with the help of brass darkening solution.

Disadvantages: More expensive than other finishes (nickel and brass).

Kitchen Faucet Finish Which One Is the BestBRASS

Types: Polished& Satin

Advantages: Durable, easy to clean and match with other fixtures. Since it is coming back in fashion polished brass finishes combine well with both modern and traditional designs. On the other hand, satin brass looks more elegant and unique and is really a bold choice.

Disadvantages: Both finishes are more expensive, comparable to nickel or brass. Also, satin brass is a difficult match for other fixtures and accessories.

As you can see every advantage has its disadvantage but it will break down the decision making into a very simple process if your kitchen space is already simply designed. It allows for creating contrast by using different faucet finishes. If not, stick to the ones that easily combine with various designs. Also, keep in mind that more expensive faucets can be a good match for your budget since a higher initial price will often pay off in the long run such as bronze and brass.