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Visitors spend a good deal of their time on the Wildflower Village. The owner, Pat Campbell-Cozzi has built a wide range of the superior glass work exhibitions. The artwork is displayed by more than the seventy-five talented artists. Pat is passionate about glass work, and such emerging talent. He happily showcases the talent of Northern Nevada into two following galleries;

1. Open Door Gallery

Open Door GalleryThe Gallery is an opportunity to explore Reno’s emerging artists’ collection of art glass. Bustle in with peace that there is no claustrophobia. The art glass display can be explored along with ceramics, jewelry, painting, photography, textiles and much more.

2. Chapel Gallery

Chapel GalleryThe Chapel Gallery draws the Nevada artists exhibit. It won’t be wrong if it is said the gallery is much more than just a gallery. It is the best venue for weddings, not only that even business meetings, book clubs, and various type of events and exhibitions are held there in the Chapel Gallery.

Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail Cameras

Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail Cameras

Long gone are the times when hunters were sparsely equipped as Elmer Fudd hoping for trophy buck on their table. Nowadays you can brush off all your hunting gear along with your hunting license if you are deprived of the must scouting tool- trail camera. Its benefits are numerous. No more poachers trespassing on your property stealing your game. No more night watches waiting in an ambush for a game to appear.

A great trail camera will do all the work for you, but you have to choose the best one and try to base your choice from trail camera reviews you read before you decide wich one to buy. All YOU have to do is to set it up smartly. Otherwise, it will either be demolished by a bear or stolen by a determined thief.

Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail CamerasTIP 1: TRAIL CAMERA PLACEMENT STRATEGIES:

  • The perfect height to mount your camera is approximately 3′ off the ground. Waist high will provide peak performance. Also, make sure to keep it horizontal.
  • Avoid uneven ground and use level one when mounting your camera.
  • Clear any debris in front of the camera to avoid blurred images
  • Place your camera side on the sunrise or sunset so as to prevent the images from appearing white out.
  • Take off your camera from the allocated spot once every two weeks
  • When possible, position your trail camera so that it faces North, never into the sun since it is sensitive to heat.


Helpful Tips on Setting Up Trail CamerasTrails and game paths;

These spots are just perfect for you camera placement since deer and wild game, in general, must follow the above routes in order to find feeding and bedding locations. Once you record the exact trail that animals are using place your camera on a tree with a fresh scrape on it.

Mineral licks;

Top-notch spot for your trail camera during the late summer. You can make the lick yourself by digging out a circle and filling it with deer minerals. Your camera should be placed at least 10 feet from the lick, and preferably 20 to 30 feet away so not to scare off the animals. Angle the camera towards the lick so to get the best and clearest images.

Meadows and openings;

Since these are open areas you can expect the animal to spend more time in front of the camera lens. Given that, you will get the best and most informative shootings if you set the capture mode on your camera.


  • Heavy- duty camera box is a far best and final option if you don’t want it to be stolen or shattered into pieces by a bear.
  • Always use long-lasting power lithium batteries for your camera.
  • Extend your battery life by using longer time periods between images, such as 4-5 minutes.
  • Time your camera checks before severe weather conditions if possible. Be scent- free on these occasions so as not to provoke the prospective buck.

For the best hunting experience, please keep to these smart tips. Believe me. I am writing from experience. Very bad though!

Best Museums In Nevada

Best Museums In Nevada

The exhibits are always very educational, and worth time spending. In Nevada, there are various super class museums that exhibit the talent of legend and living legends. Some of them are listed below;

1. Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah

The amazing spot welcomes with fountains, statues, greenery, and small crowding. Wayne Newton is ranked #1 among all (73) museums of Las Vegas. There is much to fun; going with family won’t be a bad idea. Animals, classical art work, furniture in mansion rooms and old model cars are worth seeing. The infotainment guides make your trip memorable.

2. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

This art museum stands in number 8 of 461 things to do in Las Vegas. Every exhibition comes up with something astonishing art. Bellagio ceiling itself is worth seeing that is designed by one of the legends of glass work named; Dale Chihuly. The facts of paintings and other art work increases your knowledge, the supervisors are friendly and very helping. This is a little museum but art work is always displayed by the legends of all time from impressionism to pop art.

3. National Automobile Museum

The museum is number 1 of 140 things to do in Reno. It is the best for car lovers, and especially those who love classical things. The museum is well laid out with original historical (mostly American) cars. Each car has its specialty and history. This National Automobile museum is considered the best in the country. This is a worth visiting museum if you are a car lover to enhance knowledge about classical cars, and their parts.

4. The Mob Museum

The well organized building says louder than the name of the museum. Classical firearms, prison electric chairs, and legends’ portraits (both good guys and bad guys) let you feel the mysterious movie is going in your surroundings. The museum is always busy but worth waiting in the queue. The spacious hall and small corridors are filled with frames, photos and artifacts. The guides are super educational and always have a proper answer about any object that is displayed there.

5. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The wreck is well set out and put together for the visitors. The exhibit itself is very educational. The cards are handed over to know all of the names of people who sank in the ship, and their stories. There is a model of Titanic in Luxor hall. The display itself is enough to tell the whole story. The pain can be felt by seeing the wreckage. The museum is good for those who have interest in Titanic. Those who already know the tragic tale thru the history and the film will find the exhibit much heart wrenching. This is one of the must visiting museums.

6. Shelby American, Inc.

An American automotive designer, Carroll Shelby, displays his classical cars. Shelby is well recognized by AC Cobra and Mustang for Ford Motor Company. The exhibit is nearby Mandalay Bay and a busy shopping center. The place is ideal for those who are fans of Shelby or cars. Also a friendly for kids, they can enjoy neat and clean cars, and get to know about the old cars and the owner by parents or guides.