How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and Floors

If you don’t want to end up on your own just because all your friends are sick and tired of your pets hair dwelling in their clothes after each reunion of yours, please equip yourself with patience and follow these simple steps and say farewell to the epoch of the hairy clothes, furniture and friends!

1. Defurr your upholstery and wooden furniture in fast and consistent manner:

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and FloorsTHINGS YOU WILL NEED: Latex gloves, soft cloth, anti-static dusting spray, fabric softener and patience

Reduce two main factors that draw hairs to every inch of each surface- static electricity and low humidity.

Dampened latex gloves or a wet sponge will do the job. But your patience is also crucial. Pick up the hair and rinse off the glove. Repeat this procedure until the last hair is removed.

To truly pull up the hair on your wooden furniture, use a soft cloth and anti-static dusting spray. It is proven to be the best option since it removes the electric charge thus decreasing the chance of the hair sticking to your furniture pieces.

Apply a mix of water and liquid fabric softener and simply clear the surface.

2. Defurr your floors and carpets:

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, and FloorsTHINGS YOU WILL NEED: Pumice stone, vacuum cleaner, fabric softener, spray bottle

Deploy your pumice stone at strategic locations and employ all your family members for getting the job done faster. One member per one location! Run your hands gently along the carpet using the pumice stone and scrape up the hair. It will not damage your carpet and you will finally get free from stubborn hairs.

Employ your vacuum cleaner as well! Prior to vacuuming fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and fabric softener. Spray the carpet lightly and gather the dampen hair to clumps.  Discard them. Also, you can dust a baking soda on your carpet so as to loosen these hairs. Now, vacuum the carpet. Go over each area at least twice and use the cleaner’s fork support able to fit into tight spaces.

To clean bare floors such as hardwood or laminate, use an electrostatic mop for vacuums can blow hair around unless you vacuum multiple times in the same area.

3. Defurr your clothes:

THINGS YOU WILL NEED: Curler, Lint roller, Dryer, Rubber dryer ball, Vacuum cleaner

For hair clumps or larger amounts of hair put your clothes in the dryer along with a dryer ball. The purpose of a dryer ball is to separate your clothes and suck the stubborn hair out of the clothes more efficiently.

Rub curlers on your clothes surface in a downward motion to pull up the hair. Use one with a metal inner form since it can be bent to reach each and every corner of fur covered areas.

Lint roller can be very handy too. It removes animal hairs easily and quickly. use the same method as with a rub curler.

For most annoying pet hair still sticking to your clothes use a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Finally, to pick up any hair stragglers use some of the above-mentioned tactics once again.