The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel Guests

Traveling is not an easy enjoyment. You have to compromise on many points while traveling. No matter how much you are good at packing or planning the trips. Somewhere someone misses something. Staying away from home lets us realize the value of home whether it is a luxury home or a small apartment, you will miss your home at some point.

Many of you cannot afford luxury hotels, but those who can afford will find both pros and cons of the hotel. It is about temper and guts that how much you can endure and travel with a good mood without must-have things or amenities or services.

However, there are some important amenities and services that every traveler wants to see at his chosen hotel or hotel room. According to the, there is one of the most important amenities is Free WiFi. It is not an amazing fact because everyone knows how much it has been important to live with smartphones and without Wifi signals the cell phone is nothing.

Let’s have a look at the top 18 amenities and services that the travelers want at their hotel stay;

1. Free Wifi (Wireless Internet)

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel GuestsIn future, the Wifi will be the most important need of all. In a small gadget you have everything to do except meal to eat, but there are many healthy applications that can keep you fit. As everything has advantages and disadvantages, so internet has too. Also, it is up to use. If you are wise and loyal to yourself, you will strive hard to be focus in your life. There is a map that makes a stranger confident in new places and routes. Wifi is very essential to get to know the knowledge of the destination you are going to visit. You can book a shuttle service online. Without WiFi, traveling seems impossible for new generation.

2. Free Parking

Parking comes to 2nd in the list. Getting a place to park in busier hotels is luck, but getting a FREE parking makes you luckier. It is not essential that every 5 and 7 star hotels will be offering you free parking, many of the 4 and 3 star hotels offer free parking too. It is a prior point to check whether your finalized hotel offers free parking or not.

3. Towels

First thing travelers do after reaching in their hotel room is getting fresh. Quality towels matter. Hot bath releases the all stress and relaxes the body, but if there are no towels provided by the hotel all fresh mood gets fade up. Many of you go with a minimum luggage and that’s why it is not possible to carry towels, bed sheets, and other basic amenities.

4. Complimentary Breakfast

In simple words, complimentary breakfast is a free breakfast offered by some hotels. It is worth knowing that what will be including in the complimentary breakfast. Some hotels offer muffins, cereals, pancakes, sausages, waffles and omelets. In drinks, they offer different flavored fresh fruit juices. The items can vary from one hotel to another.

5. Complimentary Toiletries

Complimentary toiletries are also essential for travelers. They go to bathroom to be fresh, and they must need soap, shampoo, and hand or face wash and toothpaste (in morning). Branded toiletries are kept on 5 and 7 star hotels, but on lower star hotels, travelers face low quality toiletries. And in some cases, there are many lodges and guesthouse that don’t offer complimentary toiletries, so for such lodgings you must go along your items.

6. Shower

Having a good sanitary is also counted in one of the most useful amenities. Fixed faucets, proper showerheads, and unbroken bath tubs are the things to check just after reaching in the room. Hot water is provided by some hotels and that’s a bonus.

7. TV

Most of the travelers who go with family or as a couple they miss TV, and feel good when their room has one. Couple travelers love to see their favorite movies together and make their time worth remembering.

8. Refrigerator

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel GuestsHaving fridge in a hotel room is not that important for every traveler. But for those who have medical issues and need their medicine refrigerated they ask for one for their hotel room. Hotel management provides a small sized fridge at your room upon reasonable request without charge.

9. Coffee Machine

Most of the luxurious hotels offer coffee machines in each hotel room. The guests make cups of coffee whenever they want to drink. It is an ideal to see the Keurig coffee machine in the kitchenette.

10. Cable TV

Watching TV in hotel room is as such not an ideal, but people who want to be updated from the news, even the worldwide news they must book the TV hotel room. And that’s great if it is a cable TV because some of you never miss their favorite live shows or programs even in traveling.

11. Luxury Bedding

Clean and cozy bedding make your sleep relaxing, and let you dream sweeter. Proper night sleep is a substantial aspect to enjoy the trip fully.

12. Complimentary Bottled Water

Drinking water in other country is a bit risky that water minerals are vary from city to city and country to country (not much but little change can be faced). That’s the issue, everyone prefers bottled water, and that seems much better when it is complimentary.

13. Swimming Pool

Not everyone is a fond of swimming nor every next of you knows how to swim. Mostly male travelers who are fond of swimming wish for swimming pools at their hotels.

14. Room Service

After having a hectic day, travelers prefer to stay full time in the room until they have their next visit. So room service is the most ideal to have meal in the room.

15. Hair Dryer

Not only ladies, even male travelers want hair dryer at their hotel rooms. They get a bath and rush to dry their hair to move outside the hotel. Timing is everything while visiting to other country or city. Hair dryer is somehow important amenities if the time is concerned.

16. Microwave Oven

Oven has been a common device that is used regularly at home. Family trips get easier when someone of your family members is hard to off the bed, and in this case, the meal should be heated again. To fulfill that need, the guardian or leader of the trip stays calm if there is an oven in the room kitchenette.

17. Shuttle Service

Many hotels offer free shuttle service from and to the airport. Drivers bring your luggage carefully and leave you safely in the parking. It is the first service that some lucky travelers are welcomed by.

18. Fitness Center

Visitors who stay for long in the same hotel wish to have a fitness center in walking distance. And, those who go to gym on a daily basis, they never skip exercise and keep continuing while traveling.