Welcome to the Wildflower Village

Wildflower Village is a hostel based hotel which is located in Truckee Meadows, Nevada. Each room has a separate entrance, kitchenette (facilitated with microwave, stove, and sink), hot showers and bathtubs. Morning coffee is served free of cost with some fresh fruits. There is no TV, but the atmosphere is so peaceful where you can read out your favorite books. In Espresso bars, there is much fun to indulge your taste buds. This hostel has no five-star level facilities, but if you are looking for something clean, peaceful, and affordable then Wildflower Village Hostel & Hotel is the best place to stay. The place is best for special events, pursuing galleries, and just stop by for a cup of coffee.


  • Welcome to the Wildflower VillageB&B Rooms with Bath and Tub/Shower Ensuite; $125 per night plus tax
  • B&B Rooms with Bath and Shower Ensuite; $100 per night plus tax

Overview of B&B Rooms

  • B&B rooms are included in King size beds with very clean bed sheets, kitchenettes ensuite
  • Separate attached bathrooms with hot water, clean and cosy towels

NOTE: There is only one smoking B&B room. It is suggested that you confirm the availability before reaching in the hotel.

You can contact us for reservation